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Ovation and Eminent Hospitality Solutions has come to raise the bar in the restaurant and catering industry. We are bringing a fresh, clean and innovative approach to classic hospitality. From your board room to your private estate. From your traditional weddings to your upscale/chic fundraisers, Eminent will provide outstanding services to fit your specific requirements. Creating a memorable experience standing out above all others. Eminent is a socially responsible company. We have programs to empower and train the members in our communities.


Growing up in a busy Brooklyn household, cooking was an escape for Claudy M. Pierre. He can remember helping his grandmother and mother create island infused dishes for his family. Claudy is of Haitian descent. At an early age of 10, Claudy began cooking pasta and other dishes for his 8 siblings. Though Claudy was shy growing up, he always had a feeling that he would be entertaining family and friends in the future. He had a natural knack for creating delicious meals and catering to his large family. While in high school, Claudy worked at Auntie Anne's pretzel shop and then Chevys Mexican Restaurant. He moved on to help cater and prepare dishes for major family and church functions. After high school, Claudy moved to Pittsburgh, PA where he attended the LeCordon Bleu School Arts. Claudy's studies at LeCordon Bleu were focused on hospitality management, culinary arts and gastronomy, which is the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisines. During that time, he was able to put his passion of food into practice and was successful in his studies. Claudy graduated in 2005 and decided to further his studies on a football scholarship for the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied for his degree in International Business. He was injured on the field and decided to switch his major into Hospitality. In April 2014, Claudy won runner up for a competition at the Art Institute.
Claudy has worked in many positions and companies to establish a polished reputation in the hospitality field. For the past 12 years, Claudy has gained experience working at hotels such as the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria, Country Clubs and restaurants as a cook, director and every position in between.
Currently, Claudy is the Chef/Owner of his own hospitality management company, which was launched in 2013. Eminent Hospitality Solutions Co. is based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Eminent Hospitality Solutions provides catering, private Chef demonstrations, cooking lessons, concierge and consulting. Claudy birthed Eminent because he wanted to bring a fresh look to the hospitality world. His vision is to provide classic hospitality with a more modern and polished yet exciting feel. Eminent’s goal is to make each event, function or occasion memorable. Through Eminent, Claudy has also launched a wellness initiative program. This program is the  E.A.T Initiative meaning Empowerment, Awareness, and Training Initiative where Eminent provides Wellness classes and meal preparation for profit and non-profit organizations, schools and other programs. The company is known to team up with many companies to provide an exceptional experience. Some of the companies that Claudy is apart of are, American Culinary Federation, American Diabetes Association, Haitian American Caucus, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity inc., Pittsburgh Young Professionals and ULYP (urban League Young Professionals. Claudy is also in the works of taking over an existing restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh. He has creative control in transforming the name and concept of the restaurant. In the future, Claudy would like to open up a lounge, start a food and catering blog and also a food truck.  When Claudy is not cooking at the restaurant and catering an event, he is with his two daughters Claudia and Khloe.

We have a very talented team of  people who have teamed up with Chef Claudy Pierre to add the expertise in finance, technology and customer service.  For the past 12 years, Claudy has acquired experience working at restaurants and hotels such as opening Eleven (big burrito) as a cook.  Sonoma Grille and Seviche restaurants (Big Y Group) Marriot , Hyatt and the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria a Hilton Hotel, Country Clubs,  from line cook director and every position in between.


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A: We will use the funds raised to update the Historical Building that serves as Ovation's home.  We plan to renovate Ovation to reflect the cultural tapestry of downtown, without losing the character of the building.


A: We plan to have you all over for our Labor Day Weekend Party at Ovation!  Come by and check out our killer patio!  Or stop by sooner and see how it is coming along.


A: Email, we would love to hear from you!

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