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What is Hatch?

We answered this one already…. here!

How does Hatch work?

First, a project creator – this can be anyone ranging from small business owners, artists and performers, activists, or a non-profit – identifies a need in the community and has a plan that will fulfill this need. All they need are the funds to get started.

Project creators submit their proposal to Hatch to be approved. After approval, the project and its information will be put on the Hatch website. Anyone willing to be a donor will be able to browse the projects and choose which project they would like to help fund. Many projects will offer awards for donating at certain levels, but the real reward is knowing that your money is helping the community.



Why do these projects need money?

These projects need money so they can serve the community. By gathering donations from members of the community projects are showing that their services are in demand by those that want and need them. Donating will also be a way to help build a thriving Pittsburgh.

What kind of projects can go on Hatch?

Hatch projects can be nonprofit or a small, local for-profit business as long as they will benefit the Pittsburgh community. Projects can range from a restaurant that needs help purchasing equipment to open its doors or a group of dog owners looking to place waste bags around Downtown to make it a more dog-friendly community.

Who decides what projects go on Hatch?

Approval of projects will be decided by the administrators of Hatch who are staff members of the PDCDC.

How do I find projects I’m interested in?

A profile of each approved project will posted to the Hatch website and placed in a qualifying category. Visitors to the website will be able to browse all of the projects or limit their search to a certain category.

What happens if the project doesn’t meet its goal?

That depends on the project. Many will make up the difference on their own and go ahead with their project. Projects that will not be able to complete their project with the amount donated will not receive the money raised and donors will receive a voucher for the amount donated to be given towards a different project on Hatch. This will be determined by a Hatch team member and the project creator before the project is featured on Hatch, and the project’s page will explicitly state what happens if funding goals are not completed.

In the past, Hatch has extended fundraising timeframes and offered additional support to projects that are concerned about meeting their monetary goals. We want you to succeed, but we also want to fulfill our promises to donors- that their contributions are going where they were intended.

How do I know that campaign funds will be used properly?

Hatch is committed to ensuring that your money is not being used for anything other than the proposed project. Hatch team member work closely with the project creator before the project even reaches our website to make sure they understand our terms of agreement. Hatch requires projects to send copies of receipts to prove they have used the money raised for official purposes and can investigate fraudulent claims.

Still, donors should only give to projects that they trust. Contact information is provided for each project should you have any further questions about how your donation will be used. Fundraisers should keep in mind that their campaigns should be as transparent as possible. Keeping donors up to date after the campaign has ended is just as important as maintaining contact during the fundraising process.

How much do I have to pledge?

Donors are not required to give a certain amount of money. Rewards will be available for as little as $5, and different rewards will be available at each increments of donations. Rewards are chosen by the campaign creators. Donors will choose the amount they would like to donate depending on the reward they would like to receive.

Am I charged as soon as I pledge?

Your PayPal account or credit card will be charged as soon as you pledge, but the pledge will not be transferred to the project’s account until the project is ready to begin work.

Do I have to use Paypal? What if I don’t have Paypal?

No problem! You can use your credit card if you don’t want to sign up for a Paypal account.

Can I cancel my pledge?

You will not be able to cancel your pledge, but you will have the option to transfer your pledge to a different project if the project you donate to is not fully funded by the deadline.



Why should I pledge?

By pledging to a project you are helping to build the community that you live in. Not only that, but you are helping to bring a valuable service that may benefit you! The whole point of civic crowdfunding is to bring members of the community together in order to support valuable components of their neighborhood, whether that be a nonprofit trying to expand the services it provides or a small business trying to grow in order to better serve its customers.

What happens once the project reaches its goal?

Once the project reaches its goal, all of the donations will be transferred to the project creator’s PayPal account. The project creator can then start working on completing the project. You will then be eligible to receive your reward.

What kinds of rewards are available?

Some fundraisers will offer rewards for donating certain amounts. These rewards are determined by the individual fundraisers, not by Hatch or the Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation.

What kind of benefits are available?

The available benefits will be determined by the creativity of the project creators.

Can I get money back?

You will not be able to get money back, but you will receive the satisfaction of knowing you helped make a project happen, you will be able to enjoy the benefits with the Pittsburgh community.

How do I redeem my reward?

Once you receive your voucher, get in contact with the project creator in order to receive your reward.

Submitting a Project


How do I submit a project?

After you have created a profile and are logged in go to your dashboard. Near the bottom of the page will be a button that says “create project”. Click that button and you are ready to begin!

How do I know if my project has been accepted?

Someone from Hatch will contact you about your project. This team member will then begin collaborating with you in order to make your fundraising efforts as successful as possible.

How do I promote my project?

Promotion and marketing is the most important aspects of fundraising. The difference between a successful campaign and one that fails to meet its goals is promotion. Team members involved with the project should begin by sharing with friends and family. Social media is a strong component of promotion. A team member from Hatch will also work with the project managers in creating a marketing plan.

How do I know if my project has been successfully funded?

Fundraisers will be able to access their project’s page 24/7 and see how much has been funded in real time. Once funding has been completed a Hatch team member will contact you to arrange a transfer of funds.



Does the PDCDC charge a commission?

Yes. The PDCDC charges 6% on the funds raised in addition to the Paypal fees of 2.9%. On for-profit projects half of this commission is given to the community development corporation in the neighborhood where the project is taking place. On nonprofit projects there is only a 3% commission. This commission covers the costs of running and maintaining Hatch, and helps the PDCDC continue its own development projects downtown.

Are my contributions tax-deductible?

This depends on who you are donating to. If the project is run by a nonprofit 501c(3) organization, then it is tax deductible. Otherwise your donation will not be considered eligible for a tax deduction. Check the fundraiser’s profile page to see if it is a registered nonprofit organization. It is the project creator’s responsibility to send out the proper tax deductible information to donors. Donors must provide addresses when signing up for in order to receive these forms.